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** This is ONE strand per purchase regardless of the number in the photo** Contact for discount if buying more than one**


I travelled to Ghana, to the hearts of local beads in the Easter region - Koforidua and Odumase Krobo. I chatted with local artisans and learned about the bead-making process. Through fair trade, pride for our culture and laughter, we selected and beaded this authentic jewellery with you in mind.




These colorfully made beads are from the Eastern Region in Ghana, West Africa. They are locally known as Krobo beads and are worn and gifted by both men and women as gestures of love, femininity, hope and celebration.


As an adornment that symbolizes wealth and pride in one’s culture, this handmade and hand-sourced jewellery can be worn for any occasion, the beauty in wearing them is the sense of connection you feel to Ghana and to the continent of Africa.


The beads are handmade by independent artisans in Korfidua and Odumase Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana, West Africa.


The Story:

Each bead is individually hand-painted in a traditional design reflecting Krobo traditions and practices. Although they are worn for many occasions, in the Krobo land they go deeper than a celebration of life and happiness. For them, it is a rite of passage, a continuum of life and the beginning of something new.


They are usually worn in pairs or triplets to exude the beauty in the designs, colors and arrangement so be creative and have fun!


Pricing. I am a fan of presentation and put the effort into how to present and serve things to others. From professional experience, global travels and interactions, I have come to realize and believe in the power of presentation and packaging. Thus I gave thought to how to send your purchase to bring you more excitement and warmth. This is years of personal flares and research coming together to celebrate Ghana, and Africa as a whole. See photos for packaging.




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Yellow and Black African Waist Beads, Colorful Ghana Glass beads

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