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Be Like Water

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

I once described someone as water.

Water was the first and only word that came to mind when I was asked about her.

“She's like water”, I said. I did not know why that element came to mind. I did not think of her previously as such but at that moment, water was the word that made sense. It was random, not at all thought out, yet it felt right.

Water can be found three states: solid, gas and liquid. All three states can be manipulated to give us painful, breathtaking and stimulating sensations.

Water can shapeshift into any form it desires and fit in any space it wishes. Essentially water has no boundaries yet it is guided; even tamed but never fully and truly captured. Such power has no superior and yet it understands it has to respond to direction and guidance - and that is why it remains a force to be reckoned with.

So, what does it mean to be like water? Here are three characteristics to adapt and learn from water.

#Fluid Like Water

Be fluid like water. Be someone who is able to be molded and guided.

Water cannot be bent or broken, but it can be contoured and meandered (guided) to take a desired direction – and still hold its power and natural composition. To have control is to have authority over something. However, to have the fluidity to be guided is wisdom worth achieving.

Being fluid like water means your form can change and adapt without losing who you innately are, your true self.

Many think being flexible or moldable means you are a pushover; that your voice is not heard. But water rages as waves, as tsunamis, as floods and hails when necessary. And at the same time, it remains still when needed. It remains without debate, respected and honored – even in its silent stillness, you cannot overlook it. Power, authority and influence does not remain or last with force. It stays with a heavy touch of gentleness and restraint.

Let your strength be fluid. Be still like water. Your fluidity can still bring mountains to you.

#Strong Like Water

The strength of water cannot be quantified. In this idea of being like water, you cannot say I am stronger than the other person because I have three barrels of water and they have one. The strength of one barrel of water can do as much damage as three barrels will.

For instance, you do not need to drop my phone in three barrels of water for it to stop working. You can drop it in a puddle of water and the phone will turn into a gewgaw. In the same way one does not have to get into a pool to get wet. Sprinkles of water can give you the same feeling. Thus, strength does not always have to come in large quantities. Sometimes we are most effective when we go small, choose less and take the simple route.

Effectiveness is not about quantity. To be strong like water means to practice the art of effectiveness with or in little sizes and quantities. Your strength can simply be shown through one word, through no words, through one motion, or through no movement at all.

Like my friend Paul from The Netherlands always says, “less is more.”


#Embrace Like Water

Water is a home and source of life. It feeds trees, it gives home to animals. It cleanses us. It comforts us. It heals us.

When people think of comfort, do you come to mind? When they look for a home, a shelter (metaphorically and literally in some cases) do they come to you? How about when someone is looking for a defender, a shield, are you that person they reach out to? Or would they rather face gaints than come to you? If you have to think too long and argue with the answers to these questions, then you probably need to rethink the role you choose to play in your social circle, yourself, family or community.

Water is not selfish. It is free and open. It gives in doses but never withholds.

If you practice these qualities, it will reward you. If you do not abuse it, it will in turn remain a pure source you can count on. You will see a difference and so will others around you.

Alright nomtondo readers, this is what my thoughts had to say this week. Catch me on my next post. ^_^




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