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Sitting On The Couch

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

This post is authored by sireka

we left the kettle on the stove

as we sat together on the couch and looked at each other.

I thought about how much history is weaved between us as we embrace each other

and how much love and passion has been exchanged through our bodies.

The lines in your face as you gently smile

reveal the stories that we have co-written and the ones untold.

Your deep bellied laugh reflects our candid moments of happiness amidst our painful ones…

I stare into your eyes and see our future together.

while my tea releases steam as it sits on the table,

The intentional glance of your eyes anchors me to the subtleties of our relationship.

Your distinct smell fills the small room and unearths all the time apart, all the goodbyes…

which have interjected the moments where electricity stings us as we get to hold one another,

but I am brought back to that laugh that reminds me that all the chaotic and beautiful melodies that we have created will be timeless hits as we continue towards the future together.

~ sitting on the couch by sireka


Hi readers!

This week took a poetic turn. Simple words put together to have a greater impact and meaning. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. This week's guest writer is sireka. check her out at @sireka on Instagram


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