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Dear Heart

Dear Heart,

What is it about you that makes us so paralysed and incapable of thinking straight, if at all? You live in a place not so hard to find or reach, at least that is how it seems in movies, when all one has to do is stick her hand in the chest and grab you. But I guess that is the issue – you are too easy to find, to get to and grab. And once you are out of place, we immediately lose our breath. Everything sharply stops and suddenly we can see the particles in the invisible air twirl around in the slowest motion we never imagined. It truly is like they say, “my world just stopped” and quite literally I should add.

You are synonymous with love as the mind is with intelligence; but never together. Never have I heard someone say you have an intelligent love or a mindful heart. That would be weird to read but that makes perfect sense to me. But to have an intelligent love is to be too mindful of the heart – of you. And that, I think, defeats the purpose of the intertwined role you hold in there.

Point is, you are impossible to understand but stimulating when I think I do. I smile when you make me feel like I am in an unknown world where peace is the air I breathe and love is the sun that scorches my pain away. Or when you make me cry uncontrollably seeing two love ones look at each other and say everything with just one look! Lawd! You really need to stop doing that though, I feel so weak when you do that – so out of control and I just cry and cry and cry till you have had enough. I hate you for those moments. But then I look forward to such moments all the same. You are annoying.

Well then Heart, I wanted to write you a short letter to tell you how I feel at the moment. So, send me a reply – you beat so silently I forget you are there often times.

- Love,


on the streets of Mumbai, I gave a young boy my vision and he went above my expectations and made this for me. Out of all the things I bought, this is my favourite from my 2018 India trip.


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Oct 31, 2018

Your presence is a blessing and pleasure to all that you encounter. Beautiful writing sister-friend. Don’t stop, give us more to ponder and explore!


Oct 30, 2018

So proud of you! Thank you for sharing your heart, mind, and soul with us. Big love!!!

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