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My Inner Thoughts

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

There is a type of beauty that chirps when you look into the trees above. There is a type of assurance you see and recognize because of the familiarity it echoes back.

There is a certain peace that snaps you into proper posture when you allow your eyelids to close, and your mind to wonder beyond your physical being.

There is a kind of harmony that hums you to breathe deeper, not deeply, deeper. It asks you to take a headfirst dive to the place where your spirit and soul have sweet mint tea; dancing forever as they tell you how celestial you are.

There is a way of existing that weave fire and ice together to protect you from the seen and unseen. Not because you deserve it but because you are worth it – forever.

There is a sort of silence that rescues you from the noise. It rides in the night to reach you. It rides with an army in the middle of the darkness for you. And when it finds you, it flings you into its bosom and shields you.

There is a path that whispers your name so faint, the invisible air around you stands in the way of you hearing it. To hear it is to see it. To see it is to find it. And it wants to be found.

There is a road that flushes out the dirt we hide from years past. It asks for earned devotion or becomes a morbid attraction. The choice is always yours.

There is a river that crawls on wings, bathes us clean again as it salvages the remnants of our unspoken wishes. It glistens with colors of the sunset and sparkles from midnight stars. Let it wash over you.

There is a voice clandestine to you. Although the voice belongs to you and you only, you are not privileged to it until you prove yourself ready. Mature into yourself.

There is a feeling that vibrates more powerful than a volcano; that drowns faster than a tsunami. It comes quietly like a phantom, invisible to all senses. It’s said to be shot like an arrow. Some say it follows you like a shadow. Whatever it will present itself to you as, be mindful of its power to give it all – and take it all.

There is an end which begins before the beginning yet ends before it finishes. I do not know it, but I know of it. It is an open secret which settles in the close minds of pure souls. Untwine the meaning and you find understanding.

There is a smile that awaits us. A smile that signs and seals our inherited place in our human journey. It is not the act that we watch for but from whom it cometh from. This is after all, is why we do what we do.




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