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Mind, Heart And Spirit

The Mind and the Heart

When the mind lays down and the heart stays guard, both are safe and free from worry. When the heart lays to rest and the mind stays awake, both are in for a roller coaster. For mind can calm the heart and bid it sleep. Telling it to remain calm and collected, while assuring it a brighter day. But if the mind - the central point- the main tower is troubled…everything is at its mercy. Bid rest goodbye till the mind’s waves are soothed. It is then that peace can return in its full glory.

The Spirit and the Heart

Both live enclosed and hidden. Both stay in their halidom where their presence is celebrated when acknowledged. When the spirit beckons in distress, the heart responds like a mother rushing to the sound of her child’s cry. And like a child in need of her mother, she will wait in tears, sorrow, anger and love – forever.

The Mind and the Spirit

I like to think these two are in better cahoots than their proximity in writing. The mind while asleep beds with the heart, like a pacifier in a baby’s mouth. The spirit, while the mind and heart take rest, armours itself for duties beyond the realm of the living. It fights on our behalf with conflicting spirits which seek to rattle the peace we possess. It celebrates for us when equally yoked spirits meet in holy matrimony. But when they are at loggerheads, the mind and the spirit, prepare for an eternally slaughter of one. With the winner announced through a manifestation of our actions and choices.   

Go on individual dates with all them. Then go on double dates. Then a group date. Give them the attention they need for the amount of time they will tell you they need you for. Unlike our inability to interpret baby talk, these three are very succinct and matured in their vocabulary. They. Will. Let. You. Know. It's up to you to hear, listen and nurture.

These were my thoughts as they came to me six years past, and again to me six years later. I do not conclude to say I have mastered the relationship between these three. But I do conclude that I have encountered their dismay and paid a higher price for dismissing their invitations.




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