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It’s Okay To Be Average

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

It’s okay to be “average”.

It’s okay to not want to be “more” because what you have, however little it seems to others, is abundant for you.

It’s okay to want a simple life that entails you going to work, having moderate social interaction, coming home and putting your feet up.

It’s okay to be in an underpaid job while doing more for society and feeling fulfilled at the end of the day; than to be in a company with health complications brought on by your job, and compensated by a high income. Hazard pay they call it. Do the math, you still lose.

Hazard Pay. You still lose

No amount of money is worth your health — the one thing you shouldn’t gamble with. And the one thing that will render you broke as it gets worse.

It’s okay to not want to tie the knot yet, if at all. Marriage is not destined for everyone. Others are better single than together. Some are better married than apart. It can be a happily ever after or a happily never started.

It’s okay to be single because you want to focus on yourself before you add one more to yourself. What’s the rush? Two halves don’t make a whole in a relationship (especially in a relationship). In this case, one plus one equals one. It’s highly unfair to the other person for you to enter such a serious phase shattered, unsure, distracted and unprepared.

And please don’t commit to another person because you both have the same traumatic past, and you think she or he will understand you better. In this case, having a similar traumatic background is not a safe haven.

It’s okay to love and want to be around kids but not want them as your own. There is peace, joy and jubilee in knowing those adorable kids go to their parents at the end of the day. Gladness I tell you. (I still drool at cute little humans running around ^_^)

It’s very okay to not want to own a business but work for another person or company who aligns with your morals, principles; or simply makes you want to get up in the morning. This, I believe, is not a given for some so if you have such a person or company, savour each day. If you must grow and there’s no opportunity there, consider jumping to a better place — not from frying pan to fire though.

It’s okay to explore but with intention. Don’t always go where the wind blows you. Curiosity is said to have killed the cat. Curiosity brings misfortune when abused. At some point, you have to focus one thing wholeheartedly to see the blessings it carries.

It’s okay to quit your job for a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical break. If you can afford it, why not? Your days are not as endless as the sand on the beach. There is a place where the sidewalk ends. Don’t get there and say, “had I known…”

It’s okay to down-size or to rent a bit longer before buying a place of your own. It’s equally okay to have roommates or move in with your in-laws to get your family back on its feet. This is not a defeat, it’s a regroup, a recharge.

Some people just want their bills to be paid.

Some want their loved ones to be happy and comfortable.

Others want to be a better global citizen, and for them it means working at the grassroots level, not moved by a potbelly salary.

Others want to be able to leave work and not bring it home, so they switch careers.

All these are o.k.a.y!

Being “average” or having a “mediocre” life as some put it is not a death sentence. It is not a “you wasted your potential” box to put yourself in. It is an option we should appreciate and celebrate as much as its opposite.

The important thing is having a balance in your career, health, relationships and spiritual life. Achieving this is the secret to unlocking other fortunes life has to offer. Our mind, spirit and soul seek balance and harmony. When you offset the harmony or leave any one of these categories to starve, you become unstable, uneasy and disturbed.

In the same light you can’t overfeed one category and hope nutrients magically transfer to the other parts. It takes intent and discipline to get that balance. It takes sacrifices like career changes, pay cuts, location change, being social, reducing the night outs, staying single, saying yes in certainty, traveling solo, or picking up a new hobby to replace a less healthy one. It’s different for everyone, and you have to find yours.

It’s okay to be “average”.It’s okay to not want to be “more” because what you have, however little it seems to others, is abundant for you.

Not everyone should be in the spotlight. Backstage is equally powerful!

All these are o.k.a.y!


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1 comentario

Kevin Buchs
Kevin Buchs
07 mar 2020

I agree that it is OK for people to be average. However, it can be quite a challenge for someone who is strongly driven to be there best to observe someone who is satisfied with being average. So, maybe an understanding of that could help the person who is fine with average recognize (and ignore) the pressure others apply.

This post reminds me of Garrison Keilor’s Lake Woebegon, where “all the children are above average”.

The word OK or okay, has an interesting story. I have never seen it written as o.k.a.y!

Me gusta
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