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I Read It In Alacrity

It happened that I woke up in a funk today, my Friday ended wrong and I woke up wrong.  Last night’s happenings had rolled over to today and it was on high speed to destroying my day.

Then it vibrated, “one unread message.” Already my face lit up. I opened the message and it was from someone I consider dear to my heart. The context of the message was short and simple, and receiving that, not even reading it yet, totally changed my mood. I was back to my old smiley self and ready to face any undesirable encounters with a smile!

All it took was a text from someone. All it took was to know that I was thought of.

After being blessed with just a text I figured I would share this quick post and encourage you to also make someone smile. Turn another’s sad, stressful and just annoying situation or day into a smile.

All it took for me was a text, for another it could be a hug, an explainable smile, an email or just a wave. All these things take less than a minute of your time - if not less. Why don’t you make someone happy today? You will notice you will be happier too.

Let’s be selfless in our love today and always. I think is the most rewarding love there is. When the receiver feels completed paid attention to and embraced by a warm gesture. It creates a change only thoughtful, genuine gestures can make.




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