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Hold It Still: Why You Should Trap These

The life of a human will continue to unravel in astonishment before the eyes of those who claim to know its course. As it is not our place to scrutinise the path of another or the choices they make it is, however, our duty to seek understanding in the reasoning behind such such choices – theirs and ours. And receive gracefully the fruits they bear - as gracefully as they were made.

It is through the acceptance of the repercussions from our choices that understanding will be harvested. For the doings of our hands will forever answer to the reaping before us.

I convince the ink into my hand and propel the blank paper in front of me. My mind begins to run is seven different directions, yet all heading to the same place – the paper. At the cost of this fantod, I find nothing on the paper after hours. I look at the ink, I pity the paper and I retire; hoping tomorrow will be the day everything comes together.

Then it hit me. I realized that waiting for “the day” when my thoughts will slow down and walk together in the same direction will never come to fruition on its own. I will have to buckle myself to the chair, caress the ink, thank the paper for its patience and drag all my thoughts together. They don’t need to harmonize; they just need to stay still.

The same concept applies to life, our dreams, our goals. The same applies to our relationships, the same applies to our inner peace: our spirit, our mind and our heart. They won’t magically resolve their conflicts. They won’t thankfully keep you informed. They won’t lovingly warn you or make you feel loved. They will run in different directions till we hold them still. Be still… Just hold still. Still enough to see, quiet enough to hear, and long enough to understand.

They need as much attention as we give to our kids, significant other, our outward looks. They need that more than the hours we spend budgeting, running errands or cooking the perfect meal. They need as much attention as we give to work and as much excitement as we get when it's payday.

What in your life have you noticed is or are going in different directions, and need to be essentially trapped so you can get a handle on it? Is it a thing(s) or a person (s)? Or is it you? most of the times, the places we find ourselves have one or two common and constant denominators: us and/or another person or thing. We must find them out and hold them still. Growth, healing, understanding, love and happiness depend on it - ours and others.




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